Computing Variables in SPSS – Overview

SPSS - Computing Means over Variables

Computing new variables -often as means or sums over other variables- is usually done with COMPUTE. If you want to do so for only some cases but not others, use IF instead.
Some alternatives for creating new variables in SPSS are RECODE, AUTORECODE, AGGREGATE and RANK.


Computing Variables Tutorials

SPSS Missing Values Functions

Most real world data contain some (or many) missing values. It's always a good idea to inspect the amount of missingness for avoiding unpleasant surprises later on. In order to do so, SPSS has some missing values functions. This tutorial demonstrates how to use them effectively. Read More

How to Compute Means in SPSS?

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SPSS IF Command – A Quick Tutorial

In SPSS, IF is a conditional COMPUTE command. It calculates a (possibly new) variable but only for those cases that satisfy some condition(s). It's usually an easier alternative for DO IF-END IF. Read More