SPSS Syntax Tutorials

SPSS Syntax Example

You can use SPSS without using any syntax. However, this often results in users having to do their entire data analysis all over again at some point. Just don't do it.
The good news is that routinely using Paste instead of Ok gets you a long way. Do keep in mind that the syntax pasted by SPSS is usually unnecessarily long and complex.
If you want to get a lot of work done with minimal time and effort, try to make a gradual transition from pasting to typing clean and simple syntax. The tutorials below will get you started.


SPSS Syntax Beginners Tutorials

SPSS Syntax Beginners Tutorial

Getting started with SPSS syntax can be fast and effortless if you learn just a handful of basics. This tutorial walks you through some tips and tricks. Read More

SPSS Syntax Shortening

Experienced SPSS users often just type in their syntax and get things done amazingly fast like that. The trick is that they write much shorter code than SPSS generates when the point-click menu is used. Identical results can thus be achieved with much less effort. This tutorial explains how. Read More

Why Use Syntax?

SPSS Syntax – Six Reasons you Should Use it

Most of us start working with SPSS from its point-click menu. Doing so without pasting and saving all syntax may seem obvious at first but often turns out to be a pitfall. Using SPSS syntax may seem a bit difficult at first but often turns out to save tons of time and effort in the end. This tutorial explains why. Read More

Five Reasons for Not Relying on the Journal File

Some users argue that it's not really necessary to work from syntax. If something goes wrong or a client doesn't believe your results, you can always recover what you did from your journal file. However, the journal file is no reasonable substitute for syntax. This tutorial explains why. Read More


SPSS – Opening Data with Syntax

There's several ways to open SPSS data files. The right way, however, is by syntax. The way we typically do so in practice may differ somewhat from what you're used to. But give it a shot. It keeps things nicely organized and this eventually saves time and effort. Read More


A great way for keeping your syntax organized is to break it up into separate files. The INSERT command allows you to (re)run all of them in one go if desired. Read More