Customizing SPSS

SPSS Toolbar - Adding Tools

One of the many things we love about SPSS is how easily it’s customized and extended with powerful new features. For instance, creating your own toolbar is utterly simple and may save a lot of time and effort.
With SPSS version 18, SPSS Extension Bundles were introduced: create completely new SPSS commands, build a menu dialog for them and easily share your extension with other users. Building SPSS extensions is challenging but installing them is effortless. Some of our own SPSS extensions are found on our tools page. Enjoy!


SPSS Time Savers

SPSS Toolbar Tool Building

A previous tutorial covered assembling your own toolbar. This will become even more interesting if you add your own toolbar tools to it. This tutorial quickly walks you through and suggests some best practices. Read More

SPSS Toolbar Building

Toolbars can be very useful in SPSS. They allow users to do a lot of stuff with a single mouse click. However, some users may feel there's some limitations to their default configuration. An ideal way to get around these is to assemble your own toolbar. Read More

SPSS Custom Dialogs

Custom Dialogs are SPSS tools that you can easily add to SPSS and use from its menu. SPSS users can also build their own Custom Dialogs - which isn't as difficult as it may seem. Read More

SPSS Extension Bundles

SPSS Extension Bundles are extra program features that you can add to SPSS. Like so, you can add data editing routines, statistical procedures or other features that the program does not include by default. Read More