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Names and Labels in Output


In output, you can choose whether you'd like to see variable names, labels or both. The same holds for values. This tutorial shows how to modify these settings and the effects of doing so.

Ovars, Onumbers, Tvars and Tnumbers

In output, a distinction is made between the outline and the tables. A second distinction is between variables (or vars for short) and values (inconveniently referred to as numbers for this setting). Combining these renders four options

Names, Labels or Both?

Each of the four output elements can be shown as

SPSS Variable and Value Labels in Output Overview of what Ovars, Onumbers, Tvars and Tnumbers Refer to

This is done with the SET command that may include one or more specifications. Some examples are presented in the syntax below.

*Show names/values and labels.

set onumbers both ovars both tnumbers both tvars both.

*Show only names/values.

set onumbers values ovars names tnumbers values tvars names.

*Show only labels.

set onumbers labels ovars labels tnumbers labels tvars labels.

Final Note

A mini syntax file with a bunch of such setting makes a great candidate for a toolbar tool. This enables you to set all of them with a single mouse click. For more on this, see SPSS Toolbar Tool Building.

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