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SPSS Error Saving Dialog Specification


Installing an SPSS custom dialog sometimes triggers an Error saving dialog specification. You must have write permission to the deployment directory. Error creating deployment directory. This tutorial shows how to fix this.

SPSS Error Saving Dialog Specification

1. Open Properties of Lib Folder

First, navigate to the ext folder and right-click lib. Select Properties as in the screenshot below.

SPSS Custom Dialog Folder1. Select Properties of the lib folder

2. Allow Full Control for Users

Next, select the Security tab and click Edit. Next, select Users (...) and tick Allow under Full Control. Click Ok (twice). That's it.

SPSS Lib Folder Full Control2. Allowing full control for users fixes the problem


Custom Dialogs are stored in a subdirectory of the SPSS program folder called lib. Its path will look something like C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\20\ext\lib. For each Custom Dialog you install, SPSS creates a subfolder (the deployment directory) holding the necessary files. However, Windows (especially more recent versions) may sometimes not allow this, thus triggering the error. The aforementioned steps basically tell Windows that SPSS is allowed to create Custom Dialog subfolders in lib, after which they can be installed.

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