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ADD FILES is an SPSS command that's mainly used for merging data sources holding similar variables but different cases. (For the same cases but different variables, see MATCH FILES.) A second use is for reordering and/or dropping variables in a single dataset. SPSS Add FilesSPSS Add Files Matches Data Sources on Variable Names

SPSS Add Files - Basic Usage

The ADD FILES command illustrated in the screenshot above results from running the syntax below.

SPSS Add Files Syntax Example

*1. Create dataset d1.

data list free/v1 v2 v3.
begin data
1 1 1
end data.

dataset name d1.

*2. Create dataset d2.

data list free / v2 v1 v4.
begin data
2 2 2
end data.

dataset name d2.

*3. Merge d1 and d2.

add files file d1 / file d2.

dataset name merged.

SPSS Add Files Rules

SPSS Add Files Pitfalls

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