Dictionary Tutorial

SPSS - Change Variable View with Syntax

Properties of variables and values such as names, formats and labels are collectively referred to as the dictionary in SPSS. Most of the dictionary is seen under variable view but -trust me on this one- you don't want to edit anything here manually or by copy-pasting.
Instead, manage your dictionary by syntax -it's way faster, easier and safer. The tutorials below quickly guide you through.


SPSS Dictionary Tutorials

SPSS Dictionary

It's not informative that "a respondent has 0 on v1" unless you know what v1 and 0 refer to. Such information - what the data actually represent - is collectively know as the dictionary. Read More

Changing Variable Properties 1 – Introduction

A great way to start working from syntax is using "Paste" instead of "Ok". However, there's no "Paste" option for modifying most variable properties. This tutorial shows how handle that properly. Read More

Changing Variable Properties 2 – Names

Changing variable names in the Data Editor may render it hard to keep track of them. This problem is best avoided by using syntax for renaming them. Read More

Changing Variable Properties 3 – Type

There are several ways to change a variable's type. This tutorial will walk you through some examples. Read More

Changing Variable Properties 4 – Width and Decimals

Changing a variable's width is rarely necessary. Nevertheless, it's good to know how when it's needed and how it's done. Read More

SPSS – Set Missing Values with Syntax

Specifying missing values correctly is often an essential step in analyzing data. This tutorial discusses how to edit this and some other variable properties in a sound manner. Read More

SPSS – Set Variable Labels with Syntax

Managing variable and value labels in the Data Editor is a recipe for disaster. This tutorial explains how to do this more efficiently. Read More