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Changing Variable Properties 1 – Introduction

A great way to start working from syntax is using "Paste" instead of "Ok". However, there's no "Paste" option for modifying most variable properties. This tutorial shows how handle that properly.

Changing Variable Properties

Creating Test Data

Running the syntax below will create some test data. We'll use it in the following tutorials to demonstrate how to modify each of the variable properties individually.
*Create some test data for modifying variable properties.

data list free/name(a6) birthday(edate10) married(f1) income(f5.0) q1 q2 q3.
begin data
Chris 15/4/1979 1 2880.5 0 1 0
Stefan 10/1/1978 0 4812.45 1 1 1
Anneke 31/3/1947 2 3438.12 1 2 2
end data.

Click on of the Properties in the Screenshot Below

Overview Changing Variable Properties

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