SPSS Tools – Overview

SPSS Tools Example of Result

All tools on this page can be used from SPSS’ menu via a dialog window or by syntax. Our newest tools come as SPSS extensions and some older tools are SPSS Custom Dialogs.
Some of these tools require SPSS version 17 or 18 with the SPSS Python Essentials in order to work. If so, this'll be clearly indicated. We recently moved our regression tools to regression.


Merging SPSS Data Files

Compare Dictionaries over Files Before Merging

Merging data with ADD FILES can result in nonsensical data. This occurs when variables or values have different meanings over files. By comparing dictionaries over files, inconsistently coded variables are quickly detected. Read More

Read and Merge Multiple Sheet Excel Workbooks

Reading multiple sheet Excel workbooks into SPSS is easily done with this Custom Dialog. This tutorial demonstrates how to use it. Read More

SPSS Clone Variables Tool

!--excerpt-->Some SPSS commands, especially RECODE and ALTER TYPE, can make irreversible changes to your data. Before doing so, we routinely make backup copies of the variables we'll modify. This tutorial presents a super easy tool for doing so fast. Read More

SPSS Output Tools

SPSS – Set Chart Sizes Tool

The SPSS Set Chart Sizes Tool sets exact chart sizes for one or many charts in the output window. Freely downloadable with simple dialog window. Read More

SPSS Set Decimals Output Tables

SPSS doesn't offer an easy way to set decimal places for output tables. This tutorial proposes a very simple tool for setting decimal places in basic output tables after they've been produced. Read More

Statistics Tools

Z-Test and Confidence Interval Proportion Tool

This z-test compares separate sample proportions to a hypothesized population proportion. This tool is freely downloadable and super easy to use. Read More

Z-Test and Confidence Intervals Independent Proportions Tool

SPSS Z-Test and Confidence Intervals for 2 Independent Proportions Tool. Freely downloadable and easy to use from the menu. Read More