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Create Dictionary Dataset

SPSS Codebook to Excel Tool

An often requested feature is to export variable and value labels to Excel. This handy tool creates an SPSS Dataset containing these labels. It can either be be saved as an Excel sheet or further edited in SPSS.

SPSS Create Dictionary Dataset Tool - How To Use

SPSS Codebook to Excel ResultSPSS Dictionary Dataset Tool - Result

Saving the dictionary overview as Excel sheet

Creating a single sheet Excel workbook holding the dictionary information is demonstrated below. Note that it saves value labels rather than values. For more on setting your working directory see Change Your Working Directory.

*Specify working directory.

cd 'd:/temp'.

*Save as Excel sheet.

save translate outfile 'dictionary_overview.xls'
/type xls
/version 8
/cells = labels.

Final Note

We've had some doubts regarding the optimal output format before we finally went with a single dataset holding all value and variable labels. An alternative we considered was to directly create an Excel workbook with separate sheets for value labels and variable labels. We may offer this as a second version at some point.

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