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Data Preparation

SPSS String or Numeric Variables

Before you start analyzing real-world data, make sure you have a basic idea what your data look like. How many cases and variables do you have? Do their frequency distributions look plausible? Do you have any string variables and do you need to set any missing values?
A quick data inspection takes little time and effort and may save you a lot. Analyzing your data becomes faster and more satisfying when you know you're in control. The tutorials below will get you there fast.

SPSS Data Preparation Tutorial

SPSS Data Preparation 1 – Overview Main Steps Read

SPSS Data Preparation 2 – Initial Data Checks Read

SPSS Data Preparation 3 – Inspect Variable Types Read

SPSS Data Preparation 4 – Specify Missing Values Read

SPSS Data Preparation 5 – Inspect Variables Read

SPSS Data Preparation 6 – Inspect Cases Read

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