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SPSS Syntax – Six Reasons you Should Use it

Most of us start working with SPSS from its point-click menu. Doing so without pasting and saving all syntax may seem obvious at first but often turns out to be a pitfall. Using SPSS syntax may seem a bit difficult at first but often turns out to save tons of time and effort in the end. This tutorial explains why. Read More

Introducing Python 1 – What and why

Some larger or more complex SPSS tasks may seem daunting at first. However, they can usually be accomplished with surprisingly little time and effort. The basic trick here is to have Python create and execute the necessary syntax for you. This tutorial briefly introduces Python and its relation to SPSS. Read More

SPSS Unicode Mode

SPSS Unicode mode is a setting which implies that all text in SPSS is encoded as UTF-8 (Unicode Tranformation Format 8 bit). It is mostly relevant for manipulating string variables holding non English characters. Read More

Clone Variables

"I'd like to copy some of my variables and I'd like these copies to be fully labelled. What's an easy way to do that?" Read More


A loop is a command for executing other commands in a repetitive fashion. Read More


Unicode - what is it and how does it work? This gentle tutorial will walk you through ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, and related topics. Read More

Search Syntax Files for Expression

"I found a variable "v_4" in an old data file and I can't remember how exactly I created it. The syntax I used got a bit messy, I have different files and they're in different folders. Is there an easy way to find out which syntax files contain the expression "v_4"?" Read More

Reverse Code Variables with Value Labels

In some cases we'd like to reverse code values so that higher values reflect a more positive attitude. This handy tool does so for one or many variables. Value labels are corrected automatically. Read More

SPSS String Variables Tutorial

Working with string variables in SPSS is pretty straightforward if one masters some basic string functions. This tutorial will quickly walk you through the most important ones. Read More

Suffix All Variable Names

I have a data file in which all variables were measured in 2012. I'd like to suffix their names with "_2012". What's the easiest way to do this? Read More