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Overview SPSS Nonparametric Tests

SPSS Nonparametric Tests

SPSS nonparametric tests are mostly used when assumptions aren't met for other tests such as ANOVA or t tests.Strictly, most “nonparametric tests” in SPSS are distribution free tests. Oddly, these two concepts are entirely different but often used interchangeably. Second, nonparametric tests are suitable for ordinal variables too. In rare cases they may have more statistical power than standard tests.
Not sure which (nonparametric) test to use? You'll quickly find the answer in Simple Overview Statistical Comparison Tests.

Nonparametric Tests - One Sample

SPSS Shapiro-Wilk Test – Quick Tutorial with Example Read

Binomial Test – Simple Tutorial Read

SPSS Binomial Test Tutorial Read

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Nonparametric Tests - 2 Independent Samples

SPSS Mann-Whitney Test – Simple Example Read

Z-Test and Confidence Intervals Independent Proportions Tool Read

SPSS Median Test for 2 Independent Medians Read

Nonparametric Tests - 3(+) Independent Samples

SPSS Kruskal-Wallis Test – Simple Tutorial with Example Read

SPSS Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test – Simple Example Read

SPSS McNemar Test Read

SPSS Sign Test for Two Medians – Simple Example Read

SPSS Friedman Test Tutorial Read

SPSS Cochran Q Test Read

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