SPSS Regression Tutorials – Overview

SPSS Regression

Regression aims at predicting one or more dependent variables from one or more independent variables. A typical example is predicting job performance from IQ, motivation and social support.
Although there's different regression analyses, just “regression” usually refers to univariate multiple linear regression: predicting one variable from multiple other variables, each of which is assumed to be linearly related to the outcome variable.


SPSS Regression Basics

Multiple Regression – What Is It?

Multiple regression is a statistical technique that aims to predict a variable of interest from several other variables. This tutorial explains multiple regression in normal language with many illustrations and examples. Read More

Linear Regression in SPSS – A Simple Example

Regression analysis in SPSS explained in normal language. This tutorial shows how to run a basic but solid multiple regression analysis in SPSS on a downloadable data file. Read More

SPSS Stepwise Regression

Stepwise Regression in SPSS – Data Preparation

Before running SPSS stepwise regression, first just get a grip on your data. This tutorial walks you through the essential data checks. Read More

Stepwise Regression in SPSS – Example

SPSS stepwise regression example. Easy-to-follow explanation of what and why with downloadable data file and annotated output. Read More

SPSS Stepwise Regression – Example 2

SPSS stepwise regression analysis in normal language. With illustrations, downloadable practice data and syntax. Read More

Regression - Dummy Variables

Creating Dummy Variables in SPSS

Dummy coding a variable means representing each of its values by a separate dichotomous variable. This tutorial quicky walks you through the basics. Read More

SPSS Create Dummy Variables Tool

I'd like to dummy code several variables. I'd like to have the dummfied variables fully and correctly labelled. Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Read More

SPSS Regression Tutorials - Other

How to Draw a Regression Line in SPSS?

For drawing a regression line in SPSS, first just run a basic scatterplot via the Graph menu. After double clicking the scatterplot, we can add a regression line and equation to it via the Elements menu. Read More

Mean Center Many Variables

"I'd like to mean center a lot of variables in order to compute interaction terms for a regression analysis. Is there an easy way to do this for many variables simultaneously?" Read More