Python for SPSS

SPSS Python - Write Shorter Syntax

Python is a programming language that can be integrated with SPSS versions 14 and higher. By using Python in SPSS you can automate basically any SPSS task such as batch processing data files or output tables and charts.
Recent SPSS versions allow you to add SPSS extensions similarly to apps on a smartphone. Most extensions can be used from SPSS’ menu and use Python under the hood. So even if you're not planning to learn any Python, installing it may turn out very useful anyway.


SPSS Python Introduction

Python for SPSS – What is It?

Some larger or more complex SPSS tasks may seem daunting at first. However, they can usually be accomplished with surprisingly little time and effort. The basic trick here is to have Python create and execute the necessary syntax for you. This tutorial briefly introduces Python and its relation to SPSS. Read More

Python for SPSS – How Does It Work?

SPSS with Python - a simple explanation how Python programmability and Python scripting basically work in normal language with some examples. Read More

Python for SPSS – Installing and Testing

How to install and test the SPSS Python Essentials on different SPSS versions? This tutorial offers a quick overview of all you need to know. Read More

Introducing Python 3 – How To Use It

There are different ways to use Python in SPSS. The easiest is to just copy-paste-run the syntax. But most users will at some point want to write their own Python syntax. And even more efficiency can be gained by passing code into functions and eventually modules. This tutorial briefly discusses the options. Read More

Introducing Python 6 – Four Tips

Many ready-to-use SPSS Python tools are available for SPSS users with limited or no knowledge of Python. However, at some point most users will continue building upon their expertise; next steps may include learning to modify Python code for SPSS and eventually write it from scratch. The most helpful tips for this stage are discussed in this tutorial. Read More

SPSS Python Basics Tutorials

Python – The 5 Things You Want to Know

SPSS users who want to speed up their work by using Python will encounter some surprises. This tutorial walks you through the 5 major pitfalls and shows how to avoid them. Read More

SPSS Python String Tutorial

Quick overview of Python string methods: extracting substrings, replacing characters, finding indices and much more with simple examples. Read More

SPSS Python Text Replacement Tutorial

Simple Python examples for inserting characters and numbers into strings: we'll show how to use %s, %d, the locals() keyword and much more. Read More