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Learn Python for SPSS the right way by running some of the examples below. They show precisely how to get things done in SPSS the fastest way possible and are easily modified to suit your needs. Enjoy!

SPSS for Python - Shorter Syntax

Latest SPSS Python Examples

SPSS – Batch Process Files with Python Read

SPSS – Create Several Excel Files with Python Read

SPSS – Change Value Labels with Python Read

SPSS with Python – Looping over Scatterplots Read

SPSS with Python - Merging Files

Python for SPSS - Editing Data

Apply Dictionary Information from Excel Read

Suffix All Variable Names Read

Split String Variable into Components Read

Remove Value Label from Multiple Variables Read

Managing Files

Move all Files from Subfolders to Main Folder Read

Search Syntax Files for Expression Read

Create Dictionary Dataset Read

Other Python Examples

Regression over Many Dependent Variables Read

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