T Tests in SPSS

SPSS t-test

SPSS T Test Tutorials

SPSS One Sample T-Test

SPSS one-sample t-test is used for testing whether the mean of one metric variable is equal to some hypothesized population value. Read More

SPSS Independent Samples T Test

SPSS independent samples t test is a procedure for testing whether the means from two groups of cases on one metric variable are equal. The two groups are usually identified by a dichotomous variable. Read More

SPSS Paired Samples T Test

SPSS paired samples t-test is a procedure for testing whether the means of two metric variables are equal. Both variables have been measured on the same cases. Read More

T Test Background Tutorials

Standard Deviation – What Is It?

The standard deviation is a number that indicates how far a set of numbers lie apart. This tutorial explains what a standard deviation is in normal language along with examples. Read More

Z-Scores – What and Why?

Z-scores are linearly transformed data values having a mean of zero and a standard deviation of 1. Z-scores may or may not be normally distributed. Read More